An innovative virtual event platform for ASU

Built on PXL's state-of-the-art VX Platform, a proprietary web-based 3D event platform, PXL was proud to partner with Arizona State University to create a virtual campus for a series of graduation events.

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We’re waving through a window

PXL was tasked with authentically showcasing the important message of the film, while also providing an engaging forum for issues and conversations around its emotional themes.

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Receive a personalized video call from the PAW Patrol

When Paramount Pictures approached us to create a digital experience for PAW Patrol: The Movie, we built an interactive video site where users received a video call from star characters Chase and Skye.

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Scoring big with fans for the LA Kings

PXL relaunched the LA King's official blog, providing fans with a direct line of communication into the day-to-day activities of the team.

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Expanding the world of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

In collaboration with Netflix and DreamWorks, PXL gave fans the chance to explore Isla Nublar with a fully immersive web experience that was featured as FWA’s Site of the Day.

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Step into the driver's seat of a Ford GT40 and Ferrari 330

PXL gave fans the ability to put the cars from Disney's Ford v Ferrari in their driveway with an Instagram and Facebook AR effect.

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A vibrant, fun, family-friendly site for DreamWorks

PXL created, home to videos, activities, games, and information about all of the studio’s franchises, movies, and TV series.

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VX is PXL’s metaverse platform built to allow environments to become completely tailored to whatever our client’s needs. With VX, our clients can build customizable and dynamic event experiences that unfold in real-time for tens of thousands of attendees. To date we’ve built immersive virtual experiences for Paramount Pictures, ViacomCBS, Walmart, and Arizona State University — just to name a few.

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