The Fall Guy
Social Campaign

Studio City PXL, in partnership with Universal Pictures, led the charge on the social media campaign for Ryan Gosling's latest action thriller, 'The Fall Guy.' Garnering an impressive 200K organic impressions and an engagement rate of 5.24%, the campaign demonstrated the impactful results driven by our proprietary SocialAmp technology.

By highlighting the film's dynamic action sequences and romantic moments with custom content pieces, we maintained a vibrant conversation that not only elevated fan excitement but also significantly enhanced the film’s reputation through organic word of mouth—an approach that generated over 10,471 engagements.

SocialAmp enables us to transform everyday feedback into strategic social content, organically increasing consumer interactions by 25-30X without the need of paid media on X or TikTok. This dual benefit enriches the audience's experience by featuring their words in mini-trailers (that star Ryan Gosling!), while also providing our clients with an “action-packed” start to their marketing campaigns, filled with powerful buzz and genuine fan endorsements.

  • Universal Pictures
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