Lead From Behind
Official Website

Studio City PXL was proud to partner with Maximum Effort, a production company and digital marketing agency founded by Ryan Reynolds and George Dewey, in creating the #LeadFromBehind official website - a part of a broader campaign to raise awareness for colorectal cancer. Powered by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, which was founded in 1999 by a group of 41 survivors, caregivers, and friends, the alliance exists to end colorectal cancer in our lifetime.

All in all, the site’s main mission is to make colon cancer “famous” by raising awareness, taking action and making sure everyone from all walks of life has access to help. Check it all out here: https://leadfrombehind.org/

  • Maximum Effort
  • Responsive Website and App Design
  • Content Management
  • UX/UI Development

Site Features

The site includes key facts, personalized support, calls to action, links to donations and important help hotlines.

Awareness, Action & Access

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance provides personalized support by promoting screening and prevention, funding critical research and building a community of volunteers and allies (currently 11,000 people strong)