Monkey Man
Social Campaign

SCPXL successfully leveraged our SocialAmp technology to boost the online conversations for the Universal Pictures thriller "Monkey Man" during its premiere at SXSW and subsequent theatrical run. The campaign generated a remarkable 65,690 impressions from 8,557 posts, showcasing the film's widespread appeal and the effectiveness of our social strategy.

Fans aren't just watching; they're talking, and their positive feedback has been vital. Our top-performing post blasted through the social media jungle with a record 6,656 impressions while maintaining an impressive engagement rate of 5.47%. It's clear: the roar of the "Monkey Man" resonated far beyond the theater.

With 216 direct replies to posts, our audience's enthusiasm was clear, turning each content piece into an echo of support. This campaign is a testament to how Studio City PXL’s SocialAmp technology not only elevates movie buzz but translates that buzz into box office gold – all organically.

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