Social Review Technology

It is no secret that word-of-mouth and social buzz is crucial for any film's campaign, especially in the horror genre. In collaboration with Universal Pictures, SCPXL was excited to leverage our Social Review Technology for the marketing campaign for Jordan Peele’s newest smash film NOPE.

During the initial week of the film's debut, NOPE received a massive wave of positive reactions on social, to which our application created customized video responses in real-time. Simultaneously, our moderation team used SCPXL’s custom-built admin panel to review and approve the engaging content.

Overall, SCPXL's Social Review Technology campaign was a huge success; within the first week, our Social Review Application garnered over a quarter of a million impressions. NOPE has now gone on to gross over $86 million domestically, impressively landing one of the biggest opening weekends of the summer and one of the highest 2nd week retentions of the year. Additionally, the film currently sits at an impressive 82% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is incredibly high for a horror film.

Driven by the power SCPXL's Social Review application, the film's success and positive online discourse allowed us to amplify and turn the words of everyday people into compelling social content and an incredibly effective form of marketing.

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