We leverage the latest technologies to create dynamic, immersive and buzzworthy virtual and in-person experiences.

Our initiatives make a lasting impression and keep consumers talking. Whether on or offline, we deliver entirely bespoke experiences that are the keystones for campaigns, and that amplify existing conversation. Our own metaverse-style platform called VX, allows us the freedom to build custom environments to meet any client needs.

VX Metaverse Platform

VX is PXL’s metaverse platform built to allow environments to become completely tailored to whatever our client’s needs. Learn more.

Immersive Campaigns

Our goal is to build profound audience engagement. We help our clients to build campaigns that immerse their audiences in remarkable experiences that range from realistic to fantastic.

In-Person Events

As we begin to enter a post-pandemic world, we understand in-person events are great places to deepen existing relationships in a way you may not be able to virtually.

Event Content

To extend the reach of an event to millions via digital channels, we can produce content from your event in real time, with a team of experienced event photographers, videographers, and social managers.


Our photo and video booths produce custom, fun, and expressive branded content – ranging from photos, videos and gifs to bullet-time 360 & 3D media that is guaranteed to be shared by fans via social media.

Social Walls

By creating a unique mosaic of social posts from across a variety of social media networks, our social wall technology is a great way to engage with your audience and amplify positive sentiment using your own hashtag.